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Our History

2011 Acquisition of Q-Med, a Swedish company specialized in aesthetic & corrective solutions.
Emervel (dermal filler range) launch in Europe and Latin America.
Launch of Cetaphil Restoraderm.
Plant extensions in France and Canada.
2010 Differin Lotion 0.1% (acne) launch in the United States.
Galderma hits the 1 billion mark in sales.
2009 Launch of Azzalure (glabellar lines) and Oracea in Europe.
Vectical (psoriasis) launch in the United-States. Oracea
2008 Epiduo (acne) launch.
Acquisition of CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals
and its product Oracea (rosacea).
Launch of Differin 0.1% in Japan. Differin
2007 Licensing agreements for a botulinum toxin type A and Pliaglis (topical anesthetic).
Differin 0.3% launch. Pliaglis
2006 Clobex Spray launch in the US.
Opening of the new R&D center in Sophia Antipolis, France.
2005 Metrogel 1% (rosacea) launch in the United-States.
For the first time, Galderma ranks Number One in D class in its markets
(source: IMS Health, IMS dataview - D class - MAT Q3 2005 - 33 countries).
2004 Opening of a new production site in Hortolandia, Brazil.
Clobex Shampoo launch in the United-States and acquisition of Tri-Luma.
2003 Launch of Metvix in Germany and the UK and Clobex Lotion (inflammatory skin conditions) in the US.
2002 Licensing agreements for Tri-Luma (melasma or mask of pregnancy) and Pekiron (Loceryl Cream) in Japan.
First FDA approvals for pharmaceutical production in Montreal.
2001 Licensing agreement for Metvix (precancerous skin lesions and skin cancer treatment).
Launch of Clindagel (anti-acne).
2000 The Montreal production unit comes on stream.
Launch of Silkis (psoriasis) and acquisition of Capex Shampoo (seborrheic dermatitis).
1999 Acquisition of Loceryl (fungal nail infections), developed by Laboratoires Roche, together with the Scandinavian dermatology portfolio developed by Nycomed.
1998 Inauguration of a new R&D facility in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
Acquisition in Brazil of Darrow’s dermatology portfolio.
1997 Acquisition of Basotherm, a subsidiary of Boehringer.
1996 Acquisition of a plant belonging to Wyeth-Ayerts in Montreal, Canada, to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.
1995 Launch of anti-acne treatment Differin, Galderma’s first home-grown dermatology product.
1994 Galderma inaugurates its wholly-owned production plant in Alby-sur-Chéran, near Annecy in the French Alps.
1993 Acquisition of MetroGel / Rozex to include rosacea treatments in the product portfolio.
1989 Global organization implemented and new affiliates opened in Canada, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.
1988 Galderma progressively takes over Alcon’s dermatology business, allowing it to focus exclusively on ophthalmology.
1986 Galderma’s first affiliate opens for business in France, followed by a second in Italy. The International Dermatology Research Center focuses its efforts on prescription dermatology products.
1981 Nestlé and L'Oréal form a joint venture to become the world’s leading dermatology player. Galderma is born.
1979 L'Oréal creates its International Dermatology Research Center (CIRD) in Sophia-Antipolis, France, specializing in fundamental research into skin physiology.
1977 Nestlé acquires Alcon to strengthen its presence in the North American market.
1972 Acquisition of Owen by ophthalmology specialist Alcon, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

Creation of the Owen dermatology company in Dallas, Texas, USA.